Monday, October 11, 2010

MenZ Issue 3 is officially out!

This issue covers, again, those controversial topics the Mainstream Media is only now beginning to tiptoe around. Ranging from motivations for activism (from Obsidian, and Tara Palmatier), analysis of Marital Breakdown (John Whitehead), criticism of Traditional Values (Paul Elam, Zed) and Legal Sex Discrimination (TDOM, Archivist, and Toysoldier) through Roissy's typically incisive analysis of female behaviour - the topics covered are sure to be relevant to you and yours.

While many do not agree with the viewpoints presented, it cannot be denied that these viewpoints have not only been suppressed in recent years, but they are vitally important to the "Gender Debate".

Have a read, and let us know what you think...

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