Monday, October 11, 2010

MenZ Issue 3 is officially out!

This issue covers, again, those controversial topics the Mainstream Media is only now beginning to tiptoe around. Ranging from motivations for activism (from Obsidian, and Tara Palmatier), analysis of Marital Breakdown (John Whitehead), criticism of Traditional Values (Paul Elam, Zed) and Legal Sex Discrimination (TDOM, Archivist, and Toysoldier) through Roissy's typically incisive analysis of female behaviour - the topics covered are sure to be relevant to you and yours.

While many do not agree with the viewpoints presented, it cannot be denied that these viewpoints have not only been suppressed in recent years, but they are vitally important to the "Gender Debate".

Have a read, and let us know what you think...

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So again, thanks.

And enjoy!

Monday, September 13, 2010

MenZ Issue 2

Alright, so here it is folks, issue 2 of MenZ magazine. A lot of people have asked me if this magazine is an MRA zine, basically a continuation of MrM!, or if it's something else.

Here's the answer. It's something else.

Much of the Mens Movement is finger pointing and blaming, and while this is indeed the role of much of activism, it's not the whole picture.

We need to begin to address some of the issues facing men head on. Issues like Male Suicide, and the Government complacency about same. Or unequal treatment before the law, or simply the way boys are raised to be sacrificial lambs for the nearest woman.

The mens movement is not simply about attacking Feminism, even if that route is the most effective one to combat the hatred of men. Chivalry plays a large role in the predicament men find themselves in. So does acquiescence to vague assertions of 'authority' over common decency or sense.

We live in a time when no one can be taken seriously unless they have a degree. That nothing can be known without first being officially 'studied'. We live in a time when "Appeal to Authority" is not only acceptable, but the law of the land in many cases.

Just as there is no requirement that one have a degree in Womens Studies in order to criticise Feminism (yet), it's equally valid to say one can criticise anything political without a Political Science degree, and for that matter one can question Science without having a degree in a STEM subject as well.

Frankly, if the 'expert' can't explain these questions in plainly understood language, there's something fishy going on. Usually, when people try to hide something behind their 'expertise', they say it's 'too complicated' to solve easily...but don't explain why.

'Too complicated' to talk about, but vitally important to implement...of course...

Well, right here in this magazine, we delve into those things the Politicians and Lawyers want you to think are 'too complicated' for the average person. We ask the questions that journalists in the Mainstream Media seem to continually 'forget' to ask. We explore ideas deemed 'too controversial' by the media (meaning too critical of PC sacred cows), and expose their hypocrisy and that of the Political Class.

In short, we ask questions the Establishment doesn't want you to know even exist, let alone hear answered. And we credit our readership with the inteliigence to make their own decisions.

Sound like a big grab bag of hyperbole to you? Can't believe there could be anything left that opens your eyes and gives you a 'eureka!' moment?

Decide for yourself...