Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Issue 5 now released

"Oh Yeah? How come I haven't heard anything about that?"

That seems to be a constant question asked whenever Mens Issues crop up. There is no evidence, there are no studies.

No one REALLY knows how big these issues are, or how much they are affecting society. It's not politically expedient to find out either, with so many interest groups arrayed against allowing the truth to come out.

Much hay has been made over the expression "Feminazi", and much scorn and ridicule is heaped on those who point to the similar tactics employed by both political groups. There is such a thing as "Godwin's Law", which posits that the veracity and effectiveness of an argument, is inversely proportional to the amount one compares one's opponent to NAZIs.

The argument is based on the idea that Holocaust type activities are too barbaric for our "civilized" society, that we have outgrown such impulses, and modern social mores would not allow such depravity to take hold. Those people I would direct to Adam Jones' excellent piece, "Effacing the Male" in which he details not only that such atrocities happened barely 15 years ago in Europe, but that our own Western "modern" media covered the worst of the atrocities up.

Because the facts didn't agree with Political Correctness.

The same can be said of the Media's treatment of men accused of Rape, with a lynch mob mentality, they mercilessly smear innocent men, causing pain, loss, and even death...all for a few more ratings points.

Because that's what the people want.

Because "everybody knows" men are all pigs, subhumans not deserving of care and attention on their own merits.

In the Apex Fallacy, Zed hints at the possible reasons why women seem genetically unable to perceive the massive injustice done to men daily. And why the newsmedia seems determined to paint all men as perpetrators, and all women as victims.

In Gynocentrism Theory, Adam Kostasis begins down the path of exploring how we came to hate our men and boys so much.

And in A Modest Proposal, Robert O'Hara points to the ease with which men could have some semblance of balance restored to their lives. All that seems to be missing, is legislative will.

The Mens Movement is growing stronger everyday. These injustices, so easily uncovered by amateur writers, so easily analyzed by amateur scientists, cannot POSSIBLY be escaping the attention of the Powers That Be. They know full well what is happening, and why.

The question we must all ask ourselves is: "Are we going to let them keep getting away with ignoring it?"

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